Easyjet flies direct to Santorini from the U.K. and Italy. Aegean and Olympic offer reasonable flights from Athens. Norwegian Air provides very reasonable flights and connections from European destinations. Check out the Santorini Airport to see the range of airlines.

If you have a small budget, time to spare, and a love of the open sea, you can catch the daily eight hour Blue Star Ferry from Piraeus, and arrive at the Santorini’s Port of Athinios. The High Speed boats charge double and take six hours to make the journey. It doesn’t pay to book your tickets in advance, you’ll often pay more than you need to, just get to the port an hour before the boat departs and buy your ticket at a kiosk.

Buses and taxis are available to all destinations from both the port and airport.

The festival takes place overlooking the island's caldera. Our venue, Venetsanos Winery, is the first industrial winery to be built on the island and is comprised of a network of caves and tunnels built into the cliffside along with multi-layered outdoor terraces. Venetsanos Winery is centrally located, closest to the villages of Pyrgos and Megalochori, but easily accessible to those staying in the capital, Fira, or on the northern or southern tips. It is serviced by local KTEL buses. We aim to provide additional transportation during the festival for those who do not have cars of their own. Details forthcoming.




Santorini is well equipped for visitors and hotels abound, both the very low-budget and the insanely high-end, and some in-between. We recommend Airbnb for mid-range accommodation. For now our advice is to plan ahead, say ‘no’ (politely) to the men offering you ‘rooms, rooms, rooms’ when you arrive, and watch this space for deals associated with your Kinisi ticket purchase.


We welcome your participation!

If you would like to be involved with the development of the festival please send us an email detailing your interest, experience, and availability. Internships with Kinisi are an opportunity to develop new relationships with a dynamic environment and diverse artists. We will also offer credit as a creative contributor, as well as housing and accommodation during the course of the festival. 

Social Media Intern

Hanna Hattrem

Events Assistant Intern

Three positions available. Assist with the smooth running of workshops and concerts. You will be helping keep a smooth flow of events at Venetsanos.


The documentation intern will work with professional sound and video artists to find appropriate camera and microphone positions to record multi-sound sources and spatially complex performances.

Artist Liaison 

Assist in ensuring that resident artists and musicians are comfortable and where they need to be.

 technical assistant intern

Jonathan Russell