In 2015 Kinisi Festival hosted Liquid Music at Katharos Lounge and High Lonesome Sound, Bellow, OP MH OR ME and Stage Set at Kasteli 1663 in Pyrgos. Here's what went down:

October 18th:

Thanks to the generosity and open-mindedness of the priest of Pyrgos Kinisi had the privilege of composing a call and response piece on the bells of five of Pyrgos' churches. The polyphonic Xaonia choir, based in Athens and responsible for the organisation of the bi-annual Polyphonic Caravan, responded to the call with an outdoor concert in the square overlooking Santorini's southern tip.

October 16th:

In his performance-lecture In a Cell Lit by Singing Fireflies Noah Angell guided us "through an auditory cinema of desire, distance and bodily rhythm." His lecture featured ethnographic field recordings from Papua New Guinea, Bulgaria, France, Mississippi and more. Vasilis Triantis and Kostas Karapanos are widely recognised masters of the Epirotic tradition, their lute and fiddle took us on a journey through the depths and heights of human emotion, that high lonesome sound of the Greek mountains.

July 17th:

Kinisi is hosted its first event at the Katharos Lounge, Oia, Santorini. We invited Ilir Lluka and the band Kristal from Tirana, Albania. Ilir Lluka is a writer, sound artist and composer. He creates 'soundworks built through a textural combination of processed field-recordings, electronic sounds, and acoustic instruments.' You can find out more about him on his website and listen to his releases here. The members of clarinet led quintet Kristal were once part of the renowned ensemble Migjeni, in 1997 they formed Kristal, they have participated in many national and international festivals following the beat of traditional Albanian wedding music. We met both Ilir and the members of Kristal on our last research trip to Albania, we were fascinated by the work Ilir was doing and charmed by the liquid sound of Kristal's music.