Stars of Prilep - A Family Affair

Moments before their evening’s work I managed to steal a quick conversation out of the busy lives of the Stars of Prilep/Prilepski Zvezdi. Through video-call I was introduced by Djejhan Demirov, the bands bass and keyboardist, to Sevim Asanoski, Elisej Redjeposki, Ajnur Asanoski, Almir Fejzuloski, Antonio Zekiroski, Amid Tairovski, Atiljan Mustafoski who waved and offered a few words whilst sound checking and preparing for the evening’s gig: a Roma party.  

As a Roma family band from Prilep, FYROM their entry into music meant following a well trodden path of family tradition.  

DD: We have all been playing music since we were very young. We have it in our genes and in our blood. Most of us started playing around the age of 8. We are all from the same town, the same place, and we are all family, we are all related. Most of us are cousins. Prilpeski Zvezdi!

The group came together in 2007 and have been playing at festive occasions of all kinds almost every day since. “Mainly weddings and parties, but really anything you can celebrate,” says the bass keyboardist, Djejhan. The band performs at weddings all over Europe, and organises tours between events in different countries.

HH: Can you describe what it’s like to be in the band?

DD: We play weddings almost every day. It’s hard. We don’t sleep well, we don’t eat well, because we’re travelling almost everyday. It’s a tough life. But the music is in our blood. I don’t know how to say it, but we are born with music. Everyday we have a new adventure – everyday! Meeting new people, new cultures, and musicians from other countries.

HH: What types of music do you play?

DD: We play all types of music. But mainly we play our folklore music. We also play some new songs form Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, some Italian music. We play what we like. We discuss it and we come to an agreement. 

HH: What will you playing at Kinisi?

DD: We will play our Balkan music. We are so excited for Greece! We will have to discuss together what kind of work we will take there, the dresses, what colours… You will see!

Stars of Prilep will be performing at Kinisi Festival of Sound on Saturday 22 October 2016.